December 2016

Two Great NEW Crime Novels

Newly released!! The Cromer Murders and A Dogged Detective. Two murder mystery novels set in mysterious Norfolk. Pbk and ebook editions from Kelvin I Jones.


Death Of A Cunning Man

When the Reverend Lewis Trenchard takes a year’s sabbatical from his post as Norfolk’s Adviser In Spiritual Affairs, he little suspects that he will soon be immersed in a multiple murder mystery. Yet within days of his arrival it becomes obvious that the remote village of Thorsford in North Norfolk harbours a deadly murderer. The first victim, the wheelwright’s daughter, is discovered by chance in a shallow grave on Thorsford Hill. When Trenchard’s old colleague, Professor Charles Whitaker, embarks on a quest  to unearth the ancient hill figures which for centuries have lain beneath the hill,Trenchard becomes convinced that human motives can be ascribed to all of the murders. But is there a link with the pagan past? And what is the meaning of the mysterious esoteric society of “The Horseman’s Word”? A supernatural crime novel in the tradition of ‘The Wicker Man.’ Pbk 7.08 Amazon.

‘Kelvin I Jones captures the essential eeriness of the East Anglian landscape’ – Amazon review.bookcoverimage-6


THE CROMER MURDERS: A trilogy of vintage British crime stories by the author of the Stone Dead and Inspector Ketch series. All three are based on the historic English seaside resort of Cromer. In &…

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