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Kelvin I Jones is the author of the John Bottrell crime series, featuring a Cornish detective, many books about Sherlock Holmes and a biography of Conan Doyle. He has published the definitive guide to Cornish Witchcraft and several books about Cornish folklore. He is also the author of many supernatural stories, among them Carter’s Occult Casebook, about a psychic Edwardian detective. Of his many gothic tales, Francis King, the novelist and critic, has written, “(Kelvin’s work) piquantly suggest the work of a modern M.R. James.”

His new collection of crime short stories, Inspector Ketch of Norwich is on Kindle and will be available was published in paperback from 1st September 2017 via Amazon.

Kelvin Jones

Kelvin I. Jones has been a prolific UK crime and supernatural fantasy writer for over a quarter of a century. Born in Kent in 1948, he is equally at home writing poetry, plays and novels. He has published six books about Sherlock Holmes and the only definitive study of Conan Doyle’s interest in spiritualism, as well as numerous articles about the Victorian detective (see R De Waal’s Universal Sherlock Holmes, online edition, 2000). Ed Hoch, the renowned American crime writer, has said of his Sherlockian work: “Kelvin I Jones reveals a sensibility and knowledge of 19th Century literature that extends far beyond the world of Sherlock Holmes.’ He is the author of the Stone Dead series, featuring the intrepid Cornish detective, John Bottrell, and the Inspector Ketch stories, which are set in Norfolk.

Recent publications: Sherlock Holmes: The Plagues of London, Sherlock Holmes: The Baskerville Papers, A Dogged Detective (DCI Ketch), A Grave For The Goddess (John Bottrell). Sherlock Holmes And the Whitechapel Womwn.. Sherlock Holmes: Goes Forth

Forthcoming booka: Fallout: an Inspector Ketch Murder Mystery.



Two Great NEW Crime Novels

Newly released!! The Cromer Murders and A Dogged Detective. Two murder mystery novels set in mysterious Norfolk. Pbk and ebook editions from Kelvin I Jones.


Death Of A Cunning Man

When the Reverend Lewis Trenchard takes a year’s sabbatical from his post as Norfolk’s Adviser In Spiritual Affairs, he little suspects that he will soon be immersed in a multiple murder mystery. Yet within days of his arrival it becomes obvious that the remote village of Thorsford in North Norfolk harbours a deadly murderer. The first victim, the wheelwright’s daughter, is discovered by chance in a shallow grave on Thorsford Hill. When Trenchard’s old colleague, Professor Charles Whitaker, embarks on a quest  to unearth the ancient hill figures which for centuries have lain beneath the hill,Trenchard becomes convinced that human motives can be ascribed to all of the murders. But is there a link with the pagan past? And what is the meaning of the mysterious esoteric society of “The Horseman’s Word”? A supernatural crime novel in the tradition of ‘The Wicker Man.’ Pbk 7.08 Amazon.

‘Kelvin I Jones captures the essential eeriness of the East Anglian landscape’ – Amazon review.bookcoverimage-6


THE CROMER MURDERS: A trilogy of vintage British crime stories by the author of the Stone Dead and Inspector Ketch series. All three are based on the historic English seaside resort of Cromer. In &…

Source: NEW TITLE: JAN 2017


It is December 1888. The body of Queen Victoria’s physician is discovered in a railway carriage on Paddington Station. Sherlock summons his brother Mycroft to the scene. Sherlock is convinced the crime bears no resemblance to the Ripper murders but when a letter arrives at Scotland Yard, ostensibly from the Ripper, claiming he is the author of the crime, Lestrade doubts Sherlock’s wisdom. When the body of Sir James Fawcett, a leading expert on tropical diseases, is found at his home in Chelsea the day after, Sherlock realises that a challenging criminal mind is at work. This Sherlock Holmes novel, which follows the author’s own chronology of the cases of Holmes, introduces readers to a number of real life Victorian celebrities, including Oscar Wilde. By the author of ‘Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective.’

REVIEW plagues-of-londoncoverBy Ye Olde Ed on 26 Feb. 2016
Format: Paperback

This is the first Holmes novel by a distinguished Holmesian scholar, and it’s decidedly idiosyncratic. Like Dracula and The Moonstone, it consists of letters, diary entries and so on, by different characters. In December 1888, Queen Victoria’s physician is found murdered. The next day the body of another leading medical man is discovered. The police think the crimes may be the work of Jack the Ripper, but Holmes has other ideas. Besides Lestrade and Mycroft, characters include Charles Augustus Howell, Walter Sickert, and Arthur Conan Doyle. The author’s deep knowledge of the time, the place and the criminal history is evident throughout. It’s a gripping read — but be warned: descriptions of mutilation and murder are much more explicit than anything in Conan Doyle


Crime lovers, check out this great new website! You’ll enjoy its sheer diversity and I’m happy to list here my 19 crime paperback titles! Also a reminder: The Baskerville Papers, the new dark Sherlock Holmes murder mystery.bookcoverimagebaskp


New Crime Thriller

The final volume of the Stone Dead crime series is out now in pbk and Kinndle. A Grave For The Goddess sees ex Met detective, John Bottrell discovering the dark side to modern paganism while on holiday in Penzance when a local vicar is murdered. And what secret lies in the ancient cottage where Bottrell attempts to find a solution? Intrigue, murder and mayhem in this final bizarre tale in The Stone Dead series. “A mixture of Midsomer Murders and Morse” – Amazon Review.






BookCoverImageholmesbio)A new, definitive and fascinating biography of the great detective. The book draws on the work of many Holmes scholars and provides an illuminating picture of Victorian crime and scandal. The definitive account of Holmes’ illustrious life by an English Sherlockian. AVAILABLE NOW IN PBK THROUGH AMAZON OR FROM:



A new and extensively researched biography of the world’s most illustrious private consulting detective. This detailed account traces the remarkable life of a man who, though plagued by depression and drug addiction, became one of the most successful criminologists of his age. Paperback.

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